Barbara Ryan, MD

I have been in medicine for 18 years and a surgeon for 14 years. Initially, I performed general and trauma surgery and cared for people as a general surgeon in civilian communities as a civilian surgeon, and then subsequently in military communities as an active duty US Navy trauma and general surgeon after 9/11. In 2006, I returned for additional surgical training in plastic surgery. I now practice as a plastic surgeon and absolutely love my patients and the work, but have found the ongoing and ever-increasing hours demanded of my time associated with paperwork and administrative duties significantly impact my time with my patients and my home life.

Because I hold such a passion for caring for patients, but do not house such fervor for the red tape and great expense associated with medical care, I have long desired an opportunity to offer missionary services with the possibility of pro bono reconstructive surgery with perioperative care. In our company, I have found such an opportunity. I plan to use my residual income to actualize my goal of caring for patients without the worry of financial constraints and to allow me the time and freedom to do so. And any additional time I can create to spend with my family, I joyously welcome.