Angie Gange

As a child growing up in a household of entrepreneurs, I was inducted in the world of business at an early age. I studied business administration at The University of Southern California, where I was surrounded by great thinkers and many successful professionals. Right out of university, I found myself on the fast track and was achieving much of the business success I dreamt about as I was growing up. Then the economy faltered.

No amount of education prepared me for the uncertainties that came with such a global economic meltdown. But, I knew then, as I know now that in times of chaos, opportunity abounds for those who are willing to seek it out and act.

My professional journey has certainly had its ups and downs. But today I enjoy running my own business with the support of an ethical, value driven company that produces a product line that never ceases to amaze me. Knowing that my customers are supported with a level of service that truly sets the gold standard further provides me with a confidence to grow my business that is paying dividends.

I’d like to believe that I keep my eyes and ears open most of the time as business opportunities are presented. In truth, I likely allow my own skepticism to block my acceptance most of the time. When I heard about and the team behind the company, I listened…and I am glad I did.

Hello Chaos, let me introduce you to Opportunity!!